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Welcome to Lee La Thai Massage

We are a specialist thai massage therapy clinic based in Lindfield near Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Traditional Thai Massage is ancient system of healing with its roots in Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice. It is a meditative rewarding holistic therapy that can relax as well as energise. Thai massage can maintain good health and assist in relieve many common ailments such as back pain, tense shoulders and neck, stiffness, poor posture, indigestion and sciatica as well as more mental problems like stress and lethargy

This unique and complete system of Yoga therapy combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching and meditation. Thai Massage releases tension, increases vitality and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

  • Restore balance in the flow of energy throughout your body by stimulating energy lines (sen) and points.
  • It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology and Yoga incorporated in the massage itself.
  • Increases flexibility, stretches, reduces stiffness and tones muscle.
  • Achieves a general sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
  • Promotes stress relief and improves sleep.
  • Relieves many common ailments such as muscle pain, back pain, shoulder pain, period pain, arthritic pain and helps with the digestive system.

Throughout the Thai massage you will feel a unique meditative atmosphere through stretching and breathing techniques.

The basic form of the massage is performed fully clothed (no oils are used) on a mat on the floor. The technique involves putting gentle but firm pressure on the body with the palms and thumbs, as well as relaxing stretching of the limbs and back. In this way it works effectively on skin, muscle, the organs and the skeletal structure. Blood and lymph circulation is increased and waste substances are removed from tissues.

We also give Thai Herbal Hot Pack Massage, which involves the use of steamed herbal packs which drive heat into skin and muscles, loosening tension dramatically and chasing away the cold damp which can often linger in our bodies, especially in wintertime.

Another variation on the basic form is a traditional Thai ayurvedic oil massage. This is performed with minimal clothing, and uses oil appropriate to your dominant dosha (ayurvedic body type).

Our Rates for Thai Massage are very reasonable:

½ hour: £20 | ¾ hour: £28 | 1 hour: £38 | 1½ hours: £49


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